Top 10 greatest Master shots of all time

Some of the master shots are always remembered by the fans and thus here we have once again come up with Top 10 Greatest Masters golf shots of all time to relive the masters moment.

best Master shots
greatest Master shots of all time

10. Arnold Palmer, 1960
Arnold Palmer was one of the veteran players who made a strong comeback to famous Augusta National clinching once again his second green jacket. He however had to chase his opponent golfer Ken Venturi putting on par 4-17th at the 18th hole spotted by Venturi. The strike led him to acquire a winning streak with a couple of well-struck shots.

9. Sandy Lyle, 1988
Sandy Lyle was named the first golfer to triumph the green jacket accomplished by hitting a master shot from the left fairway bunkers in the final round on Augusta’s 18th hole.

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8. Louis Oosthuizen, 2012
Louis Oosthuizen made into the final rounds on the second hole from the 2012 tournament. His golden shot just landed on the front of the green and that was when David Feherty declared “This one could be very nice..very nice.”

7. Jack Nicklaus, 1975
Jack Nicklaus in many of his trips at Augusta National spotted brilliantly the 16th spot. It was in the 1975 final round, he was dropped by a 40 footer leading him against Tom Weiskopf.

6. Jack Nicklaus, 1986
In the Master’s tournament, Jack Nicklaus was very good at the 16th hole spot. Both Jack and the patrons were successful at the 5-iron to the Sunday pin at 16 holes.

5. Phil Mickelson, 2010
Phil Mickelson was well known for his aggressive nature, both for flop shots or improbable approaches. Phil successfully distanced on par -5 13th narrowly opening through the tall Georgia pines. He easily managed to approach the hole ahead of only 5 feet with a 6-iron in hand.

4. Larry Mize, 1987
It was in the year 1987, Augusta native player Larry Mize successfully took on Greg Norman at the Master’s tournament. On the 11th Green spot, Mize hit well over 125 feet to find the hole from a tight lie and water past the pin.

3. Gene Sarazen, 1935
Well known as “the shot heard” all around the world, Gene Sarazen’s remarkable journey is still remembered for his strike on the 15 holes on the famous par 5, which was trailing by three shots at the time out from 235 yards.

2. Bubba Watson, 2012
Bubba Watson successfully leads to a playoff with a shot that was hit by Louis Oosthuizen on the second spot. It was when these two golfers hit a poor shot, Bubba Watson went for a hit on a 40-yard hooking wedge through a small opening in the trees onto the green set up in a simple two-putt par.

1. Tiger Woods, 2005
Tiger Woods, in 2005 played a magnificent pitch shot up the slope right behind the flag, struck perfectly, and trickled down the break. It was a historical anti-climax finish where DiMarco missed the green on his first playoff hole, letting Tiger Woods grab his fourth green jacket.

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