Interesting Facts about the Masters Golf Tournament

Fun Facts about the Master’s Golf Tournament: The much-awaited season of the Master’s Golf Tournament is just around the corner, where the sporting event is now recognized as one of the four major championships in professional golf. What makes the Master’s Golf stand out from the rest of the major championships is that the venue is at the same location every year at the wonderful Augusta National Golf Club.

masters golf facts
masters golf facts

The fabulous work of the Augusta National Golf Club design was initiated by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones along with golf course architect Alister Mackenzie. Today the club has gained immense popularity and fame as of that in the past.

Here are some fun facts about the Master’s Golf Tournament

1. One of the founders of the Augusta National, Bobby Jones requested to plan 19 holes the Master’s Golf Course. However, due to economic reasons and also because of obstruction of the view to the 18th green for patrons watching the Masters, the idea was finally abandoned. The idea behind the 19th hole was to allow the losing golfer another chance to clinch back his money in a game of double or nothing.

2. Founders were not interested in the venue Augusta National as, the there first choice for the Master’s Golf Tournament. Originally they petitioned the USGA to host the 1934 US Open tournament but got rejected. Therefore for the first time in a brief note in the 1934 PGA schedule, the tournament listed unnamed.

3. In the year 1934, the club was unable to pay the prize money for the first winner, Horton Smith. The club found it difficult to pay any of the top finishers where some 17 members contributed it from their purse. The club underwent financial hardships at the beginning of the great depression, followed by World War II. During the period the club only has 74 members instead of 1800 they had planned for.

4. The icon of the tournament, the Green Jacket initially was not meant to be awarded to the Master’s winner but was intended as an usher’s coat. The reason behind wearing a green jacket was to help fans in attendance spot them easily to ask them questions. It was in 1937 golfers for the first time wore Jackets.

5. The world’s reputed golf course designer Alister Mackenzie died before the golf course’s grass had been planted. He had a strong desire and dedication to play on Augusta National, however, it was unable to see or did play the course in its finished form.

6. In 1942, during the World War II period, Augusta Club was forced to shut down. The club was used to accommodate cattle and turkey to make some money, instead of organizing glamorous tournaments. It was in the year 1944; The Master’s Golf Course was once again reopened.

7. Clifford Roberts was the first person to coin the name “The Masters”. It was first used in 1938 and was adopted in 1939. Earlier the tournament was named and played as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. Bobby Jones always used to refer the tournament as “the so-called Masters”, as he was never a fan of the Masters.

These are some of the amazing fun facts about the Master’s Golf Tournament that you may not have known. So be the part of the most popular and the historic event of the year the 84th edition of the Master’s Golf Tournament which is all set to be played from November 12th to 15th by enjoying live at the Augusta National Club or by watching it on your favorite sports channel.

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