12 Most Memorable moments in the History of Masters Golf

12 Most Memorable moments in the History of Masters Golf: The Master’s Golf tournament has always been a subject of interest for many golf lovers. Here in this article, we have covered 12 of the best and most defining moments in the history of Masters event’s. These are inspiring and of historical significance, mostly derived from the top trending Twitter episodes. We are sure that these moments will remind our readers of the defining, unique, inspiring, and heartbreaking events.

memorable masters golf moments
12 Most Memorable moments in the History of Masters Golf

12 Most Memorable moments in the History of Masters Golf

1. Tiger’s Original Glory (1997)
It was a glorious moment for Tiger Woods, a golf champion who in this first major round of the finals spots a nine-stroke lead. He at the event broke the record of the 72 hole scoring mark with a total of 270 points.

2. Tigers return to glory (2019)
Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters knocked the event dragging three holes in a four-hole stretch, including a kick-in on the par -3 16th. Woods dominated and accomplished it patiently with sheer talent and experience in the field. He successfully marches the final day smiling and cheering to the scoring area.

3. The Shot heard round the world (1935)
The 1935 Augusta National Invitation Tournament is still remembered as one of the best moments in the master’s history. Sarazen played indefinitely well, close to defeating Craig Wood with a 36 hole playoff in the tournament, however, Woods successfully surpassed him in the latter half.

4. In Your Life (2005)
At the 16th round, Tiger Woods missed the 16th green long and left hole, however, he, later on, summon into action known as the most magical shot of his career in the golf history aimed some 20 feet above the hole, sliding down the slope, efficiently landing into the hole. It was an exciting moment for Woods, still remembered as one of the greatest Shot No.16 of all time!

5. What Stupid I am (1968)
De Vicenzo finished one master stroke scoring 66 just behind Bob Goalby. His sudden distress remark after the shot “What a Stupid I am to be wrong here” – is remembered as the most memorable quote of the 20th century. However, his opponent James Diaz at the 2006 Golf Digest stated that De Vicenzo was kind enough in the aftermath, where for his impeccable achievement in 1970 was awarded the Willam D. Richardson Award.

6. A hometown hero’s stunning hole out (1987)
The 1987 Masters is still remembered for a stiff encounter between Seve Ballesteros and Greg Norman which eventually got tied after 72 holes. Larry Mize was successful in making the final shot to join the three under 285.

7. One Giant Leap for Lefty (2004)
Mickelson finally acclaimed his long-awaited first victory by safely spotting 18 footers. It is still a memorable moment for all the Golf lovers to watch Mickelson enjoying the celebration on the green lush lifting his daughter Sophia. He recalled it as being one of the most remarkable moments praising Arnold Palmer as a popular champion in a year.

8. Nicklaus leaves Bear tracks (1975)
Jack Nicklaus in his iconic master’s tournament is known for dropping a 40-foot birdie putt at the par-3 16th in the final round.

9. Bubba Watson’s shapely pitching wedge (2012)
It was a mind-blowing stroke by Bubba Watson, from a 52-degree wedge, 144 yards, hooking 40 yards covering 15 feet of the hole clinching the first-ever Master’s title.

10. Lee Elder makes history (1975)
Lee Elder made history by becoming the first African American to compete in the Master’s tournament. Before competing at the 1975 Augusta National event, he had to face threats, but he remain adamant about to contest, where he received an amazing response from the black people.

11. No lay-up in Phil Mickelson (2010)
Phil Mickelson against all odds, with the signature stroke of his career, marked his name in the history of the Master’s championship. He successfully managed to pull a 6 iron second shot from the pine straw, missing the target by five feet, but still got him to win a third green jacket.

12. Arnie breaks Ken Venturi’s heart (1960)
The 1960 tournament at the Augusta National is marked in the history of 12 memorable moments especially for Arnold Palmer winning his second Master’s title. He became the first golfer to claim the Master trophy by finishing birdie-birdie and putt into the cup.

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